How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card

How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card

How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card Have you acquired a Best Buy credit card for a specific purchase and now wish to part ways with it? Perhaps you’ve secured a fantastic deal and no longer need it. Fret not; the process of canceling your Best Buy credit card is straightforward and hassle-free. Here’s your guide on how to do it:

Canceling Your Best Buy Credit Card by Phone

How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card
How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card
  1. Dial the Best Buy customer service line at: (888) 574-1301.
  2. When prompted, you will need to provide your account number, so make sure to have it ready.
  3. Once you connect with a representative, kindly inform them of your intention to cancel your credit card.
  4. Be prepared to provide any necessary information, but remember never to disclose your banking or other credit card details.

It’s worth noting that the representative might attempt to persuade you to reconsider your decision. They may even offer enticing perks to entice you into retaining the card. If the incentives are compelling, you can certainly take advantage of them. However, if you are resolute in your choice to cancel, remain firm.

Following the cancellation, you can expect to receive a confirmation letter from the card issuer within a few weeks. Additionally, the card closure will be reported to the credit reporting agencies.

While the phone method is the quickest and easiest, if you prefer not to conduct business via phone, you can cancel your Best Buy credit card through email. Keep in mind that this approach may take a few days, unlike the relatively brief phone process.

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Canceling Your Best Buy Credit Card by Email

How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card
How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card
  1. Access the email account associated with your Best Buy account.
  2. In the “To” section, enter the customer support email: [email protected].
  3. In the subject line, clearly state: REQUEST TO CANCEL MY CREDIT CARD.
  4. In the body of the email, compose a brief message expressing your request to cancel the credit card.
  5. Be sure to monitor your email for any responses and promptly reply if additional information is requested.

It’s important to understand that canceling your Best Buy credit card does not exempt you from settling any outstanding balance. However, you will retain any reward points you’ve accumulated.

Will Canceling My Best Buy Credit Card Affect My Credit Score?

How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card
How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card

The impact on your credit score depends on several factors. Typically, store credit cards contribute only around 10% to your overall credit score. Smaller store cards generally don’t hold much weight with FICO scoring.

However, there’s a concept known as utilization, which refers to the portion of your credit that relied on this card. If this was one of your few cards with a substantial credit line, canceling it could shrink your available credit, potentially affecting your score.

If you’re concerned about your credit score, it may be wise to reconsider canceling the card, especially if your balance is paid off, avoiding any interest charges. Moreover, if the card has no annual fee, there may be little harm in keeping it open. If you’re worried about temptation, you can cut up the card or have a trusted person safeguard it for you.

Additional Information About the Best Buy Credit Card

How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card
How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card
  1. Two Different Card Types: After applying, you may receive one of two types of cards:
    • My Best Buy Card: This is a “closed-loop” card exclusively usable at Best Buy, with no annual fee.
    • My Best Buy VISA: An “open-looped” card that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. It may qualify you for “gold” or “platinum” status, with Gold having a $59 annual fee and Platinum being fee-free. The card type is determined by your application and credit score.
  2. Credit Score Requirements: The exact credit score requirement is somewhat uncertain, with sources varying from 700 and potentially lower for some card versions.
  3. Rewards: Best Buy offers cardholders a loyalty points program where every 250 points earned translates into a $5 certificate. Cardholders can also earn 5% back on all Best Buy purchases.

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Considering Another Store Credit Card? Here Are Some Options:

If you decide to close your Best Buy card but are interested in opening another store card, either for making purchases or improving your credit score, here are a few excellent choices:

  1. Costco Anywhere Visa: An open-loop card offering 4% cash back on gas and electric vehicle charging purchases, 3% cash back at restaurants, and 2% on all Costco purchases.
  2. Macy’s American Express: This open-loop card provides 3% cash back at restaurants, 2% on gas and at supermarkets, and 1% back everywhere else.
  3. Walmart Rewards MasterCard: Ideal for frequent Walmart shoppers, offering 5% back on all Walmart purchases (including gas), 2% at restaurants, and 1% everywhere else. Cardholders also enjoy free 2-day shipping and no annual fee.
  4. Kohl’s Credit Card: Upon opening, you’ll receive a 35% discount on your first purchase. Subsequently, you can earn 7% in Kohl’s rewards for each purchase and receive a special anniversary offer annually.
  5. Target Red Card: Perfect for regular Target shoppers, providing a 5% discount on most Target purchases. No annual fee and free shipping on all orders. Additionally, Target sends a yearly anniversary coupon for 10% off an order.

Before committing to any store credit card, it’s advisable to consider your spending habits and needs to select the one that aligns best with your preferences and lifestyle.


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