How To Make Your Office Space Green

How To Make Your Office Space Green

How to Create a Greener Office Building: Tips and Guide

Sustainability is one of the most essential things your business should be investing in this year – the modern consumer is more likely to value a company’s sustainability and green training when choosing a company. Here are 3 ways to improve your office space.

Revamp Your Windows

One of the main ways that heat and energy can escape your office is through your windows. However, when you invest in your windows, you can cut a large chunk off your energy bills. For example, make sure that your window frames are as well sealed as possible, to prevent heat escaping through the gaps. Furthermore, you should look into investing in double or triple glazing. Double or triple glazing can significantly prevent energy from escaping your office, as well as adding to the lifetime value of your commercial space. When choosing a contractor to fit your windows, make sure that they have the appropriate CSCS card that confirms that they are trained in the occupational area. 

Consider Getting Solar Panels 

Renewable energy is one of the best ways you can cut your energy bills – but until country’s make the switch to renewable energy, you’ll have to find ways to do this yourself. Installing solar panels onto your roof is one of the most accessible ways to introduce renewable energy to your office’s system. In many areas, you may even be able to get solar panelling funded by the local authority, so that your office can become more energy-efficient. Many people currently searching the housing market report that they actively look for solar panels when buying an office, meaning solar panels could significantly increase your office’s resale value. Getting solar panels could both make and save you money, and should definitely be a consideration if you own your commercial space.

Insulate Your Walls and Loft 

One of the key things you can do to cut down your energy bills is to insulate your walls and loft. Insulation, sometimes referred to as retrofitting, is an essential investment if you really want to cut your energy bills. According to certain studies, wall insulation can cut your energy bills by a whopping 25% – that’s a quarter from your energy bills. Floor insulation isn’t too bad either, cutting the average office’s bills by 20% on average. Insulation for your office is one of the best things to look into when it comes to cutting down your energy bills. Top Tip: If you’re looking for an insulation company to retrofit your office, you should make sure their retrofit qualifications are up to date, so you can rest assured that the insulation technology used is completely up to date. 

Making your office energy-efficient through renovations is one of the best ways you can drastically cut down your energy bills. As well as saving you money in the present, you can potentially make more money in the future through your office’s resale value – helping your wallet and the planet all at the same time. Investing in your office spaces’ energy-efficiency is well worth the investment, and you could make your money back in as little as a couple of years. Take the steps today to make your office green!


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